Business case


Grumpy x PalmUp

Grumpy Bouh developers were looking for new way to advertise their game. @PalmUp provided a new way to acquire users who really convert and increase their ROI.

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    We created the pass

    A starter pack to give envy to your future users

    Depending on what app developers are ready to offer to give envy to future user, we created this pass.
    Branded specifically for one app, this pass will then appear natively to relevant users in other apps.

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    Developers linked the pass

    In less than 2 hours

    Setup the onboarding sequence using our SDK is quite easy.It allows new users with a pass to be rewarded when they install the game.

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    We spread the pass

    To a relevant audience

    We set up the first campaign and let the pass reach users who convert in relevant apps!


Our first campaign was a success on different aspects for our advertiser :

A boost in retention

PalmUp users got a 5% more retention than those acquired with usual acquisition channels.

An increase in ROI

With a 10x more conversion rate than classic ads, we were able to propose a very competitive pricing and an increase in ROI.

A free experience

As we are in beta testing, as Grumpy get one month free demo without engagement.